About Guruji

Guruji has been an ardent follower of Astrology since decades and has been offering his services in the field ever since. Owing to his accurate predictions and impeccable knowledge of astrology, he has been regarded as the best Astrologer in India by his wide range of clients and disciples. Clients ranging from celebrities to famous business houses and individuals have been taking guidance and blessings from Guruji for a successful career, business or peaceful life. He has been providing accurate Birth chart readings to identify any doshas and also suggests appropriate remedies to rectify them.

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With great understanding and knowledge of Astrology, Guruji provides 100% accurate remedies or suggestions to various issues for a peaceful and prosperous life. Whether you are seeking career suggestions, looking for happy married life or want to know what the stars in your Kundali hold for you, just by consulting Guruji you can have all your queries answered. He also conducts Hawan and Puja to purify our surroundings and for our inner peace. His clients have always felt positivity and strength after consulting him.