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Hawan and pooja

Spiritual Pooja and Hawan

Puja and Hawan bring harmony and success in peoples’ lives. In addition, these Hindu rituals remove troublesome evil energy and bad vibes away from our surroundings and attract positivity. Puja and Hawan performed by Guruji as per the Vedic rituals delivers success and prosperity in our life. 

The significance of puja at home or office place has its own spiritual value. Aside from summoning positive energy, it is also a great way to communicate with our Gods. Pooja and Hawan also purifies our surroundings with soulful aroma of Dhoop and Incense Sticks. It helps you get rid of any sort of problems and get the God’s blessings before starting an important work.

List of Pooja and Hawans we offer

Mahamrityunjay Chant

Gayatri Mantra Chants

Satyanarayan Pooja

Grihaa Pravesh Pooja

Navratri Path

Akshay Tritiya Puja

Pooja and Hawan offered by Guruji

Guruji offers prominent Hawan and Pooja services in Delhi enchanted with the sacred mantras. He offers a variety of Puja and Hawans to instill happiness and success in your life and destroy the negative energy around you.

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